Update 10 September 2019: There is 1 Director Positions available. Closing 30 September 2019.

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Board of Director Job Description

Women of the World welcomes individuals interested in joining an internationally recognized organization advancing the human rights and self-reliance of forcibly displaced women from all over the globe.

Women of the World is building an inclusive community here in Salt Lake City. The structure of any inclusive community has a foundation of trust. Women of the World strives to be the most trusted service provider to our clients—their third place—a safe space where they can find resources and a social safety net. We also set a foundation of trust and transparency with our funders and the friends of Women of the World. WoW realizes that in order to broker conversations from these two groups, it must compellingly convey the needs, execute with excellence, and accurately report results. Our Board of Directors is key in introducing new individuals into this conversation and set strategic direction.

The Board members of Women of the World will be called on to assist the organization in the following ways: 

Mission and Purpose 

1. Review the mission and purpose of Women of the World 

2. Be familiar with the relevant laws, procedures, etc. established by governmental agencies , private funders and foundations which affect the operations of Women of the World 

Programmatic and Planning 

1. Participate in the development of short and long - term strategic planning with the Executive Director and staff. 

2. Ensure the effectiveness of Women of the World’s program planning through review of the organization’s annual Goals and Objectives. 

3. Review program reports to ensure that the activities of Women of the World are mission – driven, efficient, and effective. 


1. Ensure that there is adequate insurance for Women of the World and its staff. 

2. Review and act on compensation issues as needed. 

3. Recruit and orient new members of the Board following periodic assessment of its functions and needs. 

Financial Management 

1. Establish fiscal policies and boundaries, including budgets and financial controls. 

2. Assist with fundraising and development including bringing network to fundraising events and campaigns.


1. Develop and maintain a communication link to the community. 

2. Promote the activities and mission of Women of the World and its public image through public speaking, publications, press contacts, outreach events, etc. 

Terms and Attendance 

1. There are a maximum of 13 members on the Board of Directors . 

2. Board members are nominated by a member of the Board of Directors and reviewed by the Board Recruitment Committee. New members are elected by a majority of the Board at an annual or special meeting to a term of 2 years. 

3. Board members may serve up to 2 consecutive terms. 

4. Members are expected to attend all meetings (preferably in person, although conference call attendance is preferable to no attendance) or give notice if they are unable to attend. 


1. Preference will be given to individuals that have 2 or more years of Board of Director or Advisory Board experience.

2. Preference will be given to individuals with close ties in the refugee, immigrant, or asylum seeker communities. 

To apply:

Submit cover letter and resume to Samira Harnish, founder and executive director, at