About Us


Women of the World is a nonprofit organization that empowers refugee, immigrant, and asylum-seeking women and their families as they strive toward their goals. Since 2009, we have helped those forcibly displaced make Salt Lake City their home by offering our clients free, year-round programming and case management. As we serve these women and their families, we see their great perseverance and resilience enhancing the strength of our community. 

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world. 

Our Mission

To empower women from all nations to achieve independence, economic success, and a voice in the community.


How It Started

What problem Samira saw, rising to the challenge working out of her car, WoWs rapid growth, envision 

Our Model to Success

Women of the World believes that our activities should be constantly measured for both our efforts and the impacts they have on our clients. Our activities are broken down into three sections:

Customized Service and Advocacy

Displacement from home and community is hard, most of our ladies do not even know who to turn to. Women of the World’s customized approach assures that our new neighbors have a fighting chance. We try to ensure that our ladies understand that insurance or other services are available to offset expense and the outcome of this program is to reduce our clients’ out of pocket expense.

Community Building

Women of the World strives to be the “third place” (after home and work) for our women. Beyond being a safe space, we provide an environment in which women can learn English—the most essential skill in their integration into American society—by making mistakes and developing their English in those domains most important to their skills. Completion of Women of the World’s English courses have ongoing impact.

Economic Empowerment

Finally, displaced women have unique skills and value propositions to share within American society. WoW works closely with our women to ensure they are progressing in the workplace, getting promoted into careers, and educating themselves and their children. The impact we have is tied directly to the revenue improvements in our women’s lives—their annualized earnings growth—where then economic ability to be self-reliant correlates with actual societal self-reliance.


We Need Your Support Today!

Donating to Women of the World empowers self-reliance in forcibly displaced women, building communities that are economically robust and culturally vibrant.

Ours is a safe space for women to settle into their lives, to protect their families, to learn English. Your donations make a major impact in the success of our new neighbors.