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What is our Employer Partnership Program?

This Employer Partnership Program (EPP) is a hiring partnership between Women of the World and employers to assist forcibly displaced women with an efficient pathway to safe, secure and high-paying jobs with benefits and opportunities for upward mobility. The EPP builds on our mission to empower women from all nations to achieve economic success.


Employment is one of the biggest steps towards self-reliance. However, there are many challenging aspects for our clients as they seek employment - language barriers, cultural differences, and technological hurdle. Through the EPP, we assist everyone through the entire hiring process, free of charge for both parties, making it more efficient and effective for both our ladies and for the employers. 

why hire our clients?

On average, 1 of our clients provides for 4 individuals. This means that by providing employment, you are taking part in one of the most impactful steps toward self-sufficiency for some of our community's most vulnerable.

The backgrounds of our women speak for their adaptability & resilience. Many of them are quick to learn and innovative in the workplace - possessing unique, transferrable skills and contributing to a diverse workforce. These reliable, skilled women come pre-screened by our services and have all legal documentation necessary. The Women of the World staff are available to assist in follow up communication, onboarding forms, orientation processes, or early performance reviews, if necessary. We view our partnerships as a win/win situation. Our services have the potential to cut employer hiring and training costs and reduce turnover rates.

What are the benefits of a partnership?

Reliable Candidates

Applicants are pre-screened for qualifications and motivations, ensuring they are accountable & ready to work for a sustained period of time. WoW can also assist with necessary documentation and orientation procedures.

Overcoming Barriers

Because English is a barrier and the application process is increasingly digital, newcomers to the US find it difficult to make an initial introduction and understand the parameters of onboarding and position descriptions. WoW acts as a bridge between amazing women and businesses looking for employees to arrange application materials, interviews, and new hire paperwork. 

Lower Turnover

Individual job-readiness training can be provided along with assistance communicating needs or navigating conflicts, should they arise.

Tax Credits

Providing employment to certain WoW clients may qualify you for Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC).

Community Recognition

Partners are recognized on media outlets, at regular conferences, speaking events, & press releases.

How to Get started

Step 1 

Determine your desired level of partnership.

Partnerships look different with every company and organization. However, we have outlined several types of relationships on a Bronze to Platinum scale. 

Step 2

Fill out the interest form below


We look forward to working together.

If you have any questions, you can contact Roxie Harshbarger, WoW's EPP manager, by emailing

Cur. Partners

Current EPP Partners


We Need Your Support Today!

Donating to Women of the World empowers self-reliance in forcibly displaced women, building communities that are economically robust and culturally vibrant.

Ours is a safe space for women to settle into their lives, to protect their families, to learn English. Your donations make a major impact in the success of our new neighbors.

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