Pay It Forward

Women of the World is excited to welcome volunteers and donors from all walks of life interested in building communities on trust and self-reliance. Our programs depend on the support of our mentors, to befriend our new neighbors and teach them the necessary skills and give them the social networks that ensure they will succeed on their own. Our organization is dependent on the benevolence of others to continue to make an impact locally and—through the service of those most impacted by the world’s inhumanity—ultimately make the world a better place.


Mentor a Refugee woman

Mentorship is the most demanding—yet most rewarding—volunteer program. The responsibilities are simply friendship, listening to the needs of your mentee and helping her where you can. Mentors should plan on at least a six-month commitment… and forming a life-long bond!


Content and event volunteering

There are many ways to get involved in volunteering at WoW. Whether you are interested in helping with writing content or helping at an event, we are happy to have you volunteer to help our ladies.


Donate to Women of the World

Contributions to Women of the World are exempt from taxes and are utilized in our programs that build communities of trust and self-reliance. Please consider giving to Women of the World.


Service project or academic proposal

Interested in bringing in a corporate or church group together to support refugee women? Have a vital academic question you need answered in your thesis? Fill out the below form and let’s see if we can collaborate.