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Justin Harnish

WoW Founder


Finicity, A Mastercard Company

Justin Harnish is a writer, engineer, and non-profit co-founder. He is the author of the books “Meaning in the Multiverse: A Skeptic's Guide to a Loving Cosmos” & “Dance to Spawn A Galaxy: Poems of Purpose.”  

He is a free-range thinker, a futurist, mindfulness practitioner, and a speculative Natural Philosopher. 


He studied engineering and philosophy at Montana State University. For the last 21 years has tried to live an examined life: as a semiconductor engineer and technology strategist; as a practitioner of mindfulness; and in service to his community. Utilizing the life optimizing strategies outlined in Meaning in the Multiverse, Justin helps people detail their passions and align their life and professions to achieve their greater purpose. Justin serves his community as the Creative Director of Women of the World, a non-profit women refugee service organization he founded with his lovely wife Samira Harnish.


Justin lives with his wife, the UNHCR award-winning non-profit executive, Samira Harnish, and their silky terrier.

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