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Women of the World Mentor Documents

Mentorship Guide

Learn more about the mentor role, expectations, goal tracking, boundary setting, and more.

Use this guide to learn more about how to work with refugees in a respectful and effective manner. You have a lot to share and a lot to learn. This guide can help with that process.

Partner Guide

Mentorship Goals Worksheet

This worksheet can help mentor and mentee set goals for their time together, including English, community building, and skill sharing goals.

Please review Women of the World’s essential volunteer contract and agreement forms regularly to ensure compliance and success within your volunteer work.

WoW Volunteer Contract

WoW Code of Conduct Agreement

WoW Confidentiality Agreement

Goal Specific & Skill Building Resources

GED preparation

The GED is an important and often challenging goal for your mentee to set for themselves. Here are a couple resources that can help you best contribute to their efforts and success.

USAHello Classroom: Online Prep Course

GED Testing Service: Study Guides

GED Testing Service: Educator Handbook

Directory of Adult Education Programs

Citizenship Test Preparation

For so many women and their families, citizenship is an exciting and life-changing goal. As a mentor, you can help in many aspects of studying for this test. There are many resources out there - we’re including some we like, but don’t feel shy about searching around for other resources as you get familiar with your mentee’s strengths and weaknesses for the test itself.

USCIS English & Civics Study Guides

USCIS All Civics Questions & Answers

USCIS English Reading Vocab

USCIS English Writing Vocab

What to expect & how to prepare

Powerpoints with all the questions

USA Hello Citizenship Test Class

Mock Interview

USCIS Practice Test

English Practice Worksheets & Resources

English language skills are an essential piece of building independence and self-reliance. Getting the time to practice and having the right tools to fit your skill level can be difficult though. Here are a few resources that can be helpful to you and your mentee as you find time to practice English. After these, a simple Google search can help you find other supplemental material to fit your needs.

Blue buttons are links to webpages with comprehensive resources. Orange buttons are links to files that you can print and use as worksheets.

English Page

All Things Grammar

Azar Grammar

Basic English Speaking


To Be Verb

Work Vocab & Exercise

Family Vocab & Exercise

Health Vocab & Exercise

Emotions Exercise

Family & School Worksheets

Body Worksheets

Salt Lake Community College Resources

If your mentee is enrolled at SLCC or looking to attend, this resource guide can be a great help to understanding all of the resources available to SLCC students.

SLCC Resources

Calendar of Events

Keep an eye out for workshops and community events that may be of benefit to you and your mentee to attend. If there are events that you’d like to see added here, let us know!

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