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Contact with Mary Dickson promotes Women Refugee Annual Celebration

This week the host of Contact, KUED 7’s Mary Dickson promotes Women Refugee Annual Celebration held by Women of the World at the Salt Lake County Building (2001 S. State Street in Salt Lake City).  You can still get tickets to this event by going to Women of the World’s Eventbrite page.Click the picture below to go to the KUED site to see the full video:

Please join us for a day of celebration for:

  1. Women who received graduate degrees in 2013

  2. Women who became American citizens

  3. Women who are learning English

  4. Many more exciting and successful stories


  1. 2:15 Founder’s Welcome

  2. 2:30 Women Refugee Successful Stories & certification.  We will also present the WOMAN OF THE YEAR

  3. 3:00 Dancing Group from Nepal

  4. 3:15 Visit, eat, and have fun!

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