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Follow Your Passion Media features Women of the World

The 2015 Momentum Continues

Women of the World’s media momentum continues into 2015 with Nkoyo Iyamba’s piece on KSL entitled “Follow Your Passion” in which she highlights Utah citizens that have left careers to pursue something they are passionate about. Nkoyo led off this series with Women of the World’s Founder and President Samira Harnish’s story which involves the choice of following her passion to serve and enable women refugees to a level of success like she enjoyed but retired from in her engineering career. Samira has been successful in academia, in the high-tech industry as a Research & Development engineer, and now as the focal point for the support of refugee women and their families in Utah.The story got picked up by both KSL’s website under the title of “Woman helps refugees thrive in Utah” and by Deseret News under the title “Follow your passion: Utahns change careers in pursuit of happiness.” Indeed while it has been difficult to serve with few resources and in a learning as you go mode, Samira has “never been happier or more fulfilled in her life.” The new neighbors that Women of the World supports, according to Samira, “are the real heroes and I appreciate every opportunity to highlight their amazing stories of perseverance and courage.”Women of the World is thrilled by the ongoing reporting that Nkoyo Iyamba is focusing on refugee women in Utah and the service women and men that Women of the World is employing to help them achieve their self-reliance. Nkoyo’s commitment to the advancement of all of Utah’s diverse community is a service to journalism and to the small nonprofits, like Women of the World, that count on the spotlight that she can shine on our heartfelt activities.

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