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Friends Wanted – 2015 Giving Tuesday

The holiday season is about care and compassion for those that have been turned out of their homes, that seek shelter in the mangers of foreign lands. Our refugee neighbors have seen the worst violence imaginable and yet, they are humble in asking for anything, they want to work for it. In fact, all they ask for — you can readily give — your friendship. Just like the secret of the season, it is better to give friendship than receive any other gift.You are offering grace. There is no more precious a commodity. So on 1 December, befriend a refugee woman. Women of the World has many ways that you can give (SEE BELOW).



Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.34.47 PM



When you are in a strange place, a smile and an offer of assistance can have profound impact. We’ve all been on the outside, we’ve all been in places where the language or culture was foreign. The helping hand changed our perspective of an entire community. Their worn shoes and sore feet have been ours, the upside-down map they hold screams out from your memories of being lost.Thank you,Samira HarnishExecutive Director – Women of the World

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