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Governor Herbert:In the refugee camps, where you struggle to keep the mud and cold out of your tent and are forced to fight for food, poor dental health is a foregone conclusion.  A few of your constituents, individuals who have spent fifteen years or more in camps, now need your help.Let me introduce you to D-, a Bhutanese refugee, one of the forgotten people.  Forced from her home because she is an ethnic minority, Lhotshampas, she managed to keep her family together and after extreme turmoil, was granted refuge in Utah one year ago.  When my wife and I, with our nonprofit Women of the World, went to their home, she and her husband are extremely malnourished since the basic act of eating over rotten teeth is painful.  Women of the World in collaboration with Fortis College donated free hygiene and checkups for D-‘s family but students and instructors could do little for her pain or extreme problems.  D- and many like her need Medicaid dental services reinstated to enjoy and contribute in Utah.Let me tell a different story, a story of the future of D-‘s grandson, who because of his drive, the desire to escape poverty, and the gift of American education and the entrepreneurial spirit, he becomes the next Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google.  As a semiconductor engineering manager at IMFT, I can assure you that our greatest headway towards making Utah’s Wasatch Valley the new Silicon Valley rests with young refugees like D-‘s grandson.  He’ll contribute where he feels most wanted, I urge you to make that place Utah.Please, follow the #1 recommendation from the Medicaid Medical Care Advisory Committee forwarded to you by the Department of Health to…RESTORE DENTAL SERVICES FOR ADULTS ENROLLED IN MEDICAID!Samira and Justin HarnishExecutive and Development Director for Women of the World

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