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One Billion Rising Salt Lake City

In a beautiful gesture to help the women served by WoW, our Education Coordinator gathered up some of her friends and designed a One Billion Rising event to support Women of the World.  One Billion Rising Salt Lake City information can be found at or on the Facebook at[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]ONE IN THREE WOMEN ON THE PLANET WILL BE RAPED OR BEATEN IN HER LIFETIME.ONE BILLION WOMEN VIOLATED IS AN ATROCITYONE BILLION WOMEN DANCING IS A REVOLUTION[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]

[/wpcol_1half_end]On V-Day’s 15th Anniversary, 2.14.13, we are inviting ONE BILLION women and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence. ONE BILLION RISING will move the earth, activating women and men across every country. V-Day wants the world to see our collective strength, our numbers, our solidarity across borders.WE HAVE SOME AMAZING PEOPLE COMING TOGETHER TO PLAN 2 AMAZING, EMPOWERING DAYS OF CELEBRATION!

  1. February 14th, 2013

You have the opportunity to participate in a FLASH MOB at Ikea Draper!

Stay tuned for the dance moves to be uploaded to YouTube so you can practice at home, then come join in the fun.

  1. February 15th, 2013

You have the opportunity to participate in a evening reception complete with live performances, silent auction and much more. We are seeking donations for both the silent auction and for food/drink for the reception itself.

What does ONE BILLION look like? On February 14th, 2013, it will look like a REVOLUTION.ONE BILLION RISING IS:A global strikeAn invitation to danceA call to men and women to refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and rape culture endsAn act of solidarity, demonstrating to women the commonality of their struggles and their power in numbersA refusal to accept violence against women and girls as a givenA new time and a new way of being

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