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Stories of Courage – Elisabeth Ngaba


Elisabeth was born in Central African Republic. She arrived in Salt Lake City with her three children and her paralyzed mother escaping war, oppression, and poverty. She came here in search of a better and more fulfilling life for her children only to be led into what seemed like another vicious cycle of oppression.

Without knowing her legal rights as a woman, English, and the local laws, this better life that she risked everything for seemed to be failing her. Through courage, determination, and the support Women of the World was able to provide for her, Elisabeth did not give up. Quite the opposite, actually.

Elisabeth now has a full-time job as a caregiver for her dear mother. She has an apartment full of happy children, practices English multiple times a week, and studies enthusiastically for the United States citizenship test. Her strong, compassionate personality and beautiful smile never fade. She is caring, humble, and always ready for a good laugh. On the few occasions when I need to remind Elisabeth about Saturday morning English class she always replies on the phone, “I’m coming I’m coming I just need to get ready!” I always wait with anticipation to see the beautiful outfit that Elisabeth puts on even just for a Saturday morning English class.

Through continued hardships and tragic news she keeps on learning, studying, and making the best of each situation.

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