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Women of the World Grand Opening Tea Party

On Saturday at 2 pm, the Women of the World held their grand opening celebration for their clients that included over sixty refugee women from various countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  The event allowed the women to relax with a cup of tea and have a conversation with women from a different background while their children were playing with Women of the World volunteers.The women shared in a light afternoon snack and tea before they were informed of the vision of the Women of the World Organization by the founder and president, Samira Harnish.  Samira’s speech contained an inspirational story of her struggles to achieve her dream of education and become an engineer and how she found her way back to the service of women in need.  Samira shared how the mission of WoW, to support women of all nations to achieve their dreams, was “not hyperbole, but possible.  That women’s dreams of education, employment, and entrepreneurship could be achieved if we “put our hands together to break through the obstacles in front of us.”  Samira went on to discuss the programs that will at first help refugee women to resettle in America (home visits, transportation, medical, and ESL classes) and then develop their skills for employment, educational assistance, or entrepreneurship.  Finally, Samira called us all to service, “to help the woman next to you, and women all over the world, to shine.”The fun had just started as the Women of the World kicked off their service to the community by having a free drawing for fivebeautiful blankets donated by Amy Wylie.  The Board Of Directors of Women of the World donated tea cups filled with chocolates to those in attendance and treat bags for their children.  Finally, the mothers received a generous donation of clothing and shoes for their children.  These clothes were again donated by Amy Wylie.The Women of the World would like to thank all of those in attendance and all of those that donated their time, efforts, and gifts to this wonderful event.  We have just started but we are confident that with hard work and a desire to improve the status of all women, we will achieve our dreams.

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