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How to write to sell


A modification of AIDA, in which a motivation (M) is added before the action. In this block, we incentivize clients by telling them about specials, promotions, discounts, gifts, or limited time offers.

An example of a sales text

Molecular cooking at home - learn to pay for papers cook like a chef from the best restaurant! (Warning.)

Have a master class right in your kitchen and spend time with your family in a new activity. Show the kids how magic is made - make and try avocado and shrimp ice cream or orange noodles with raspberry and basil sauce together. (Interest)

You'll find best essays for sale all the tools and ingredients you need in the kit. Don't worry, they are perfectly safe. It's easy to cook - we'll send you some lessons right away in the mail. (Solution)

We give a mini kit to every new customer until the end of the year! (Motivation)

Check out a few of our molecular cooking workshops - go to the profile at the link! (Action.)

Four Questions

Where to place: a webpage, website, social media, newsletters, promotional print.

One versatile scheme that will work for both short posts and large articles.

Sales Text Template.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and answer the questions:

"Why do I need your product? How can it solve my problem?"

"Why should I buy it from you? How are you better than the competition?"

"Why is this price justified? What do I get for the money?"

"Why should I buy the product now and not later?"

For large text, the structure of the scheme can include working off objections. Advertisers often disagree on whether to talk about price in the ad right away or whether it's better to omit that point. The fact is that for the cold user the price, if it's an expensive product, can be a discouraging factor.

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