WoW's Awards and Recognitions

Women of the World and our founder, Samira Harnish have won a variety of Awards and Recognitions both nationally and internationally. 


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Utah's Business Women of the Year

Every year Utah Business honors the women who have made an impact in largely male-dominated industries including government, education, healthcare, nonprofits, and technology. The 2021 Women of the Year are being honored specifically for their vision and ability to see a path forward where others may not, as well as the way they forge new paths for women in the workforce. Samira was recognized for her work in the development of Women of the World. 

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American Red Cross's Global Citizenship Hero Award

The American Red Cross in Utah takes great pleasure in seeking out and honoring heroes such as these for their extraordinary acts of courage, sacrifice, and service. The Global Citizen award represents an individual, group or company who has volunteered or worked to meet the needs of the world’s potentially vulnerable populations by building safer, more resilient communities and providing needed relief. In 2019, it was awarded to Samira Harnish and her work founding Women of the World. 


UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award 

Since 1954, UNHCR has recognized the extraordinary services of individuals or groups whose work directly impacted forcibly displaced or stateless people. The Nansen Refugee award is a prestigious humanitarian honor with a rich history. Samira Harnish was chosen as a Refugee Award Finalist due to her incredible humanitarian efforts in North America founding and working at Women of the World. 

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