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Swati Sharma

WoW Board Member




An immigrant from Nepal, Swati is a US-trained Attorney who received both her Juris Doctorate and Undergraduate degrees from Brigham Young University (BYU), Utah. She currently works on the Legal Team at Adobe. Inc.  Outside of work, Swati volunteers on various Adobe projects that promote equality, diversity, and cultural awareness.

Swati is an ardent promoter of Human Rights. As a legal intern, she worked at United Nations Development Program-Center for Constitution Development, helping draft the new constitution of Nepal. In that role, she stressed the importance of gender equality, LGBT and Women’s rights, and those of minorities.

Post Law School, Swati worked with top Human Rights Attorneys at Cohen Milstein Seller &Toll, a Washington D.C. based International Plaintiff Law Firm, to represent the families of 12 Nepali workers murdered by terrorists in Iraq. The suit asserts that the Nepali workers were lured to Jordan with the false promise of well-paying hotel jobs, and were then trafficked to Iraq to work for KBR, a US Military contractor. As a little girl in Nepal, Swati remembers being traumatized after watching a video of those murders. Being able to work on their cause years later was a shining moment in her career, and Swati has since dedicated her life to helping those with little to no resources. 

After moving back to Utah, Swati had the opportunity to meet and come to love refugee families from all over the world and was deeply inspired by their stories of courage that always brought her to tears. In these interactions, Swati rediscovered her passion for Human Rights and service. Swati is acutely aware of the problems currently faced by the refugee population and continues to work on innovative ways to address their needs, such as transportation, basic healthcare, legal aid, etc. Swati hopes to be able to contribute in many ways to the vision and energy of this remarkable organization and brings herself to serve with unparalleled passion. 

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