Pay It Forward

Women of the World is excited to welcome volunteers and donors from all walks of life interested in building communities on trust and self-reliance. Our programs depend on the support of our mentors, to befriend our new neighbors and teach them the necessary skills and give them the social networks that ensure they will succeed on their own. Our organization is dependent on the benevolence of others to continue to make an impact locally and—through the service of those most impacted by the world’s inhumanity—ultimately make the world a better place.


As a volunteer with Women of the World (WoW), I understand that in the course of my involvement at WoW, I may learn certain information about individuals being served by WoW that are of a highly personal and confidential nature. Examples of such information may be, but are not limited to: address, phone numbers, social security numbers, medical conditions and treatment, finances, religion, living arrangements, personal problems, and relations with family members. By submitting this Pledge of Confidentiality, I agree not to disclose any information of a personal and confidential nature to any persons who are not also affiliated with the Women of the World without the specific consent, in writing, of the individual to whom such information pertains. Prior to any disclosure I will contact WoW staff to confirm that such written consent has been provided by the individual and is on file. I also agree that even within WoW, I will share this confidential information only with staff that needs to know this information.

I understand unauthorized disclosure or use of such information without the written consent of the individual is subject to corrective action and may be subject to civil and criminal penalties as defined by the laws of the state of Utah.

Furthermore, I understand that if I am working with Women of the World's clients, I will be required to submit a background check before beginning volunteering.