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Vanessa Perez

WoW Board Member


Texas Instruments


Vanessa Perez immigrated to the USA in 2009 and lived in Hawaii until she moved to Utah in 2018 to launch her career in the semiconductor industry with IM Flash in Lehi. In 2019, her site transitioned to Micron Technology and on 22 October 2021, she was thrilled to transition to Texas Instruments.


Vanessa has a genuine passion for meeting and connecting people to accomplish remarkable things. She is a natural at engaging with and influencing audiences and brings three decades of unique expertise in recruiting, consulting, entrepreneurial ventures, product design, published author, film producer and executive leader for the long-distance passenger rail industry. She is always ready to share her career readiness and professional branding expertise as a give back to her community.


Vanessa served 23 years with the Australian Defence Force—more than 19 years within Special Operations Command and is married to retired US Marine William Perez. They live in Lehi with their 11-year-old son, Henry.

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