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Boutique Services & Capacity Building Programs

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Customized Service

We recognize that the needs of each woman or girl requires personalization. We help fulfill these needs through customized service plans that cater to each woman’s personal needs. With such a diverse clientele demographic, representing women from all over the world at various points in their life with unique skillsets and dreams, the path to success is not a one-size-fits all.

Our customized model includes everything from ensuring health outcomes are prioritized and economically accessible to advocacy with immigration, housing, and the legal system. Women of the World stands out for its approach to customize service based on the needs of each individual that walks through our doors. Our client-centered approach allows for enhanced efficacy of service, and above all recognition of each woman as an individual.

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Economic Empowerment

This program focuses on aiding women in job application processes, crafting effective resumes, and honing job-related skills that are pivotal for advancing in their chosen careers, ultimately leading to self-sufficiency. We also recognize the significance of education in shaping successful careers, so our program's team takes proactive measures to support displaced women on their educational paths. Through our program, we facilitate the registration process and even offer scholarships tailored for those pursuing higher education, whether in colleges or trade schools.

We understand that some of these resilient women had previously engaged in educational and professional pursuits in their home country before displacement disrupted their paths. Our goal is to provide them with the necessary resources to rediscover their aspirations and regain momentum on their journey to success.

Central to our belief is the conviction that forcibly displaced women possess not only strong employable qualities but also untapped potential for entrepreneurship. We recognize the unique skills and products these women bring to the table, setting them apart in the competitive marketplace. As we guide them through our program, we are confident in their ability to not only secure meaningful employment but also harness their distinctive talents to thrive as successful entrepreneurs.

Another aspect of this program is the Employer Partnership Program. We believe in the power of connecting skilled and motivated women with forward-thinking businesses that value diversity and talent.  Women of the World establishes a bridge between our clients and local employers seeking candidates for employment. We understand that a diverse workforce enriches workplaces and drives innovation, and that's why we've curated a network of employers who share our vision. When you partner with us, you're not just gaining access to a diverse talent pool, but you're also becoming a part of a movement that empowers women to reclaim their independence and rebuild their lives. Our team works closely with both employers and clients, ensuring a seamless match that benefits all parties involved. Click here to learn more about this program and how to get involved! 

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Community Development


Within Women of the World's community development program, we hope to empower these resilient women to become an active voice in their surroundings, and to facilitate meaningful connections between community members and our clients--nurturing a network of support.

One part of this program is our robust mentorship initiative. Community members are invited to become a mentor to our clients. Through this mentorship, our clients that are seeking to enhance their English, cultivate new skills, or simply forge new friendships are paired with an active volunteer. It's a dynamic exchange of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives that enriches both parties.

We also host and invite community volunteers to participate in our thrice-weekly English classes. These classes serve as a space for clients to practice conversational English, facilitated by compassionate volunteers who double as conversation partners. It's a rewarding way to bridge language barriers and create meaningful connections, all while contributing to the growth and empowerment of forcibly displaced women. Please click here if you want to volunteer to be a mentor or English teacher.


We also proudly host a series of enriching educational workshops while forging impactful partnerships with fellow organizations. Our primary focus is to empower our clients through knowledge and facilitate their access to vital resources. These workshops stand as inclusive platforms, welcoming both community members and external organizations alike. Our approach involves crafting workshops that are tailored to cater to the specific needs of our clientele. In doing so, we aspire to foster increased interaction between the local community and the extensive array of services that WoW offers. Join us in this journey of collective growth and empowerment, as we collaborate, learn, and bridge gaps through education and connection by contacting our Education and Outreach Specialist.

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