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About Us

Women of the World is a non-profit organization that offers free year-round case management and advocates for the self-reliance of our clients. 

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Mission

Since 2009, our mission has been to empower women from all nations - no matter their status - to achieve independence, economic success, and a voice in their community.

Through our three-pronged model of Customized Service, Community Building, and Economic Empowerment, we offer post-resettlement services such as: English classes, career and educational development, mentorships, citizenship preparation, workshops,  personalized case management and advocacy, and cultural integration awareness for both our clients and

the Salt Lake community.

We hope to build a wide community for displaced women and their families and to support them as they

build a life here in Utah.


Challenges For Forcibly Displaced Women

Human Rights Abuse

Many displaced women come to Utah without a full understanding of their right to dignity, respect, and equity.

Long-Term Poverty

Forcibly displaced women experience higher rates of poverty than men - often due to greater difficulty with workforce integration and larger domestic caretaking responsibilites.

Restricted Networks

Many women come from countries where societal incorporation of women is discouraged. Being resettled in a new country can exacerbate this solitude, as many women are separated from their families and friends.

How It Started

Women of the World started from a passion for service. Our founder, Samira Harnish, started our organization working out of her car. She would drive her Honda Pilot from client to client, by herself, to give support and aid to displaced women in her community. Thirteen years later, she has grown the organization to become the preeminent service for all forcibly displaced women in the Salt Lake metropolis. Her leadership has afforded Women of the World to be recognized around the State, the Country, and the globe. As our cliental base grows, our staff and organization develop to match the need in our community. We hope to continue Samira’s dream of helping women achieve self-sufficiency for years to come.

Services We Offer

Displacement from home and community is hard, and many of our clients do not know where to turn for help. Women of the World's approach assures that our new neighbors have a fighting chance. Our services offered are broken down into three sections.

Customized Service 

Women of the World's case management is tailored to each individual woman that walks through our doors. Each client establishes a personal relationship with their case manager as they work together to achieve self-reliance. 

Economic Empowerment

Women of the World assists with job applications, provides professional development skills training, educational scholarships, and advocates in the workplace to alleviate barriers to the workforce and promote economic success. By emphasizing a woman's financial independence, Women of the World can ensure her long-term goal of self-reliance.

Community Development

Women of the World's workshops, English classes, and mentorship programs between clients and community members have helped to alleviate isolation among women and empower their voice in the community.

We Need Your Support Today!

Donating to Women of the World empowers self-reliance in forcibly displaced women, building communities that are economically robust and culturally vibrant.

Ours is a safe space for women to settle into their lives, to protect their families, to learn English. Your donations make a major impact in the success of our new neighbors.

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