Boutique Service & Capacity Building Programs Enabling Displaced Women’s Self-Reliance & Community Building

Our outcomes are made possible through the activities within our programs: 


  • Customized Service & Capacity Building

  • Economic Empowerment

  • Community Development


Customized Service & Capacity Building

We recognize that the needs of each woman or girl requires personalization. We help fulfill these needs through customized service plans that cater to each woman’s personal needs.


Our customized model includes everything from ensuring health outcomes are prioritized and economically accessible to advocacy with immigration, housing, and the legal system.


Economic Empowerment

Helping displaced women apply for jobs, create resumes, and improve job skills for advancement into careers is essential to attaining self-sufficiency.

Where post-secondary education is important for career progression, WoW helps register and even has scholarships available for college or trade school applicants.

Some forcibly displaced women were engaged in educational or professional career pursuits in their native homes and just need resources to rediscover their path.

We not only believe that forcibly displaced women are highly employable, but also know that our ladies have incredible potential for entrepreneurship. Their differentiated skills and products place them at an advantage in the marketplace. 


Community Development

English tutoring is one of the most important steps in giving forcibly displaced women the confidence to succeed post-resettlement. When women learn to communicate in English, not only are they better equipped to navigate everyday errands, but they also gain a newfound voice to advocate for themselves and their dependents.


Community Development also reaches out to our neighbors and asks them to help to mentor, to celebrate the successes at our Annual Appreciation Awards Ceremony for Displaced Women’s Success, and support politicians and other advocates for humane treatment of humans fleeing inhumanity.