Women of the World is excited to welcome volunteers and donors from all walks of life interested in building communities on trust and self-reliance. Our programs rely on the support of our mentors, to befriend our new neighbors and teach them the necessary skills and give them the social networks that ensure they will succeed on their own. Our organization is dependent on the benevolence of others to continue to make an impact locally and—through the service of those most impacted by the world’s inhumanity—ultimately make the world a better place.

Below are common opportunities for volunteering with Women of the World. If you have any questions, contact the Operations Manager at

Common Opportunities

  • Multiple Dates
    Oct 03, 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM MDT
    Zoom Webinar
    Thank you for your interest in support WoW's mission by volunteering! During this orientation, we cover the basics of Women of the World's service, its place in the broader refugee landscape in Salt Lake City, and what volunteering opportunities we have available.