Opportunities at Women of the World

Board of Director opportunities


DIRECTOR: Community Development

Our Board has defined itself as a community development board, a link between our new forcibly displaced neighbors and the SLC community at-large. If you are interested in making your community more inclusive and economically robust, consider joining our Board of Directors.

DIRECTOR: Finance/business specialty

Some of the exciting new opportunities for Women of the World revolve around creating LLCs under the umbrella of Women of the World. If you have business startup expertise, knowledge of finance, or other relevant business skills, WoW could use your expertise on our BoD.


Staff Opportunities


CASE Manager

Our clients get customized service and the capacity to become self-reliant from our Case Managers. Case Managers are the essential professionals that execute our programs of Community Development, Economic Empowerment, and Customized Service. WoW Case Managers make lifelong friendships and get a sense of purpose from their relationships with our ladies; they work autonomously and with time can gain a sense of mastery in helping people.

intensive english

Our Intensive English classes strive to give our clients what they most need—immediate practical English skills. This is done through an intensive English curriculum that is immersive and customized, we have trainings that target citizenship, employment, and post-secondary education. Intensive English teachers are required to track student progress and develop objective measures of skill growth. Intensive English Teachers are hired on a contract basis.