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Annual Fashion Show
and Cultural Gala


"This is an event that feels like moving art. A meaningful celebration of incredible women and beautiful cultures."

How it started

A long-time client called Samira late one night crying, telling her what had just happened. Our client had been mugged because of her clothing. Her attacker told her that now that she was in this country, she needed to stop wearing her traditional dress. This client was devastated. Samira was outraged. This was not the community Women of the World knows Salt Lake to be - Samira believed our community was stronger than this man's fear.

In 2010, Samira hosted our first Fashion Show.

She wanted all of our women to never be afraid of embracing and honoring their heritage. And she wanted Salt Lake to celebrate our diversity and to learn more about these individual women.

Where we are now

13 years later, and our Fashion Show Fundraiser & Cultural Gala is our biggest fundraising event of the year. It is a wonderful opportunity to bridge our multiple communities. It offers a great educational & networking opportunity for Utahans and recognizes the bravery, courage & resilience of these women who have survived the unthinkable.

"Our ladies walk united here on this stage. In the true meaning of International Women’s Day, we walk together as sisters. We are not Christians or Muslims, we do not belong to this tribe or cultural heritage group. We are not separate from you as foreign-born or as refugees… we are women, united, beautiful, strong, and friends willing to stand and speak for one another." - Samira Harnish

Women of the World encourages our clients to embrace the best of their heritage and the best of America to strengthen themselves and their families. 

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