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WoW Data

Bringing data science to refugee service

Women of the World was founded by engineers whose work committed them to building motivating insights from rigorous analysis on often obscure data. We continue this commitment to data accuracy, rigor, and comprehensibility in our WoW Logic Model.

Women of the World’s daily tactical programmatic activities have line of sight indicators to both the output of our work and the outcomes for our clients. This allows us to analyze the efficacy of our programs and direct our strategic intent.

Our next project involves merging our data with other census and provider data sets to benchmark national trends in service and advocacy programming to define the most effective altruism for donors and improved programmatic efforts for providers.

If you are interested in committing pro-bono data science effort to this cause or contributing your dataset, please contact directly.

Client Demographics

Services Provided


Women of the World’s annual impact reports can be found linked here. All of our reports are available in printed form by request.

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Women of the World will remain transparent in its finances in order to endear the trust and support of donors. Please see links to all of our relevant 990 information below.

*Women of the World is also audited by the UT Department of Consumer Protection, Guidestar, and The Better Business Bureau each year. Links are provided to our profiles on these sites below.

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