Displaced Women’s Education Fund of Utah


Applications are currently closed.

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ApplY to help fund your future…

This scholarship is designed to help women achieve their educational goals by assisting in the removal one of the biggest barriers to a degree or certificate - the tuition.

Applications are currently closed. Please continue to revisit this page for as funding becomes available, we will open scholarship applications.



1. Women refugees, asylees, and immigrants, or their American-born daughters age 25 and under, who wish to pursue education or technical/ certification training through a qualified program.

- Examples of qualified programs include but are not limited to GED, GRE, ESL, college or technical training.

- Technical training including but are not limited to: healthcare assistant, computer information systems, pharmacy technician, medical, massage therapy, criminal justice, and paralegal.

2. Scholarship can be used to cover tuition for upcoming educational credits only.

3. Institution must be a two or four-year accredited public nonprofit college, university or vocational/technical school.

4. Awards will not be made for students attending a for-profit institution.