Our Ladies


Women of the World provides hope, support, supplies, education, and positivity to hundreds of women refugees and their families. While most still have a long way to go, it’s important to hear how far they have come.



Kaltum exudes the spice of life. She is an entrepreneur who will succeed because of both her craft and her care. Every person Kaltum meets is left with a smile.

Mu Say

When Mu Say's family arrived in SLC they were the only Karen Burmese people here. It did not take her long to build community. Her shyness hides her fierceness & intelligence.


Sassy and sweet. Fierce and affectionate. Josephine fills everywhere she goes with laughter and smiles at everyone she meets.


Her strong, compassionate personality and beautiful smile never fade. She is caring, humble, and always ready for a good laugh.

Through continued hardships and tragic news she keeps on learning, studying, and making the best of each situation.