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The Value of Giving

I have had a lot of opportunity the last year-plus to think about what is valuable, how value is derived, and the difference between the value on a price tag and the value experienced. So as you get home tonight on Giving Tuesday, I want to share with you a bit of perspective on the value that the clients of Women of the World get from your giving. More than just a dollar figure, your gift has lasting, personal significance that you might not have considered.


Our clients have escaped to America, to Utah. It is hard to imagine the suffering they have endured. America is a rich country and Utah is well-placed to offer refuge and a fresh start. The actions of our leaders, in alignment with our values, makes resettlement possible. Your act of giving to Women of the World is something different… it signifies an important but subtle shift in mindset—that we are together, stronger united against suffering, happier celebrating one another's success.

When you are struggling or just in an unfamiliar setting, you look for a friendly face, someone who softens to your troubled gaze and unflinchingly steps forward to help. That is what you have done by giving today to Women of the World.


The women that we serve bring the world to your door. More than our ideals, our diversity is what makes us a rich and powerful nation. The diversity of ideas, products, and services on offer in a community (or an investment portfolio) make it robust to upset of one kind or another and grant opportunities for new experiences at each turn.

WoW strives to harmonize the many voices and ideas that stem from the force of differing upbringings and the equal-and-normal force to share together in community. Your gift recognizes that we are stronger together, that synergies are only possible in the human experience when you give of yourself and recognize that 1 + 2 can be greater than 3.


Your gift values hard work, determination, grit. You worked for every dollar and you see that in the women that WoW serves. These women are unflappable, they understand that the opportunities that are available to them will only be realized through hard work. Grit is something forcibly displaced women understand viscerally. Grit is one part hard work and arm-fulls of perseverance. You get that, you've been there yourself, where a job well-done is its own reward.


Women of the World was founded by and is operated by engineers. We don't know how to ask for money, we know how to offer value in processes, in services, and in support of people. We are mindful that you have other places where you could offer your hard-earned money, we have a responsibility to be conscientious in its use.

So we measure twice (and maybe once again) and share our results and spending. In 2020, we safely worked through the pandemic and made a $2.81 impact in the community with every dollar you invested in us. In 2021, we doubled down on our commitment to partner with employers to find them the exact candidate from our clients for their opportunity, grew our clientele through word-of-mouth and social proof, and are set to return over $3.85 in impact for every dollar you give to us. Through thousands of case management hours and thousands of more volunteer hours, we focus on our ladies as individuals, with custom solutions to their problems, so that each resource is efficiently used and our community is returned a value greater than their gift.

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