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A Christmas Wish – Fulfilled (in part) by the Women of the World



In this time of giving and good will, I would like to introduce you to Balquees (BAL-keys), an introduction which as her doctor plainly states, may be for a short time. You see, Balquees was born with a congenital heart defect that has left her tired and without medical treatment options in either Iraq or in America.

While Balquees’s heart requires that she is constantly on oxygen and her skin is yellow, her spirit is intact. In fact, all she wants this season (even though her and her mom live in poverty hoping for medical miracles that won’t come) is to see her family one last time… and an Sony Playstation so she can play like the young woman she is.

Thanks to the generosity of the Women of the World, Balquees received her video game console. The smiles that shined through the hardship that she and her family have endured show in the pictures below.

In your time of giving thanks and good cheer, please remember those like Balquees that have lived so little and burden us not with their suffering but grace us with a small insight into what’s important for humanity: family and fun.Please contact me as soon as possible if you know the required contacts or agencies that I need to contact to help bring Balquees’s family to America in their time of hardship. I have already translated all of their official Iraqi documents to English to ease this transition.

We are still searching for a way to help bring Balquees’s father, two sisters, and brother to America to spend their last days together. If you know of anyway to get inexpensive airline tickets or medical necessity permits for Iraqi refugees, please contact us.


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