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Domestic Violence Recovery History & Journey

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I am a single mother of 2 beautiful kids, I was in a violent relationship for 7 years. From the time we met and through the first year of our marriage, there weren’t any signs or episode of any kind of abuse. However, after that year, was when everything started happening. I did allow because when you are in a long relationship, you start to believe in lies specially in a ” I love you, promised this won’t happen again” then we don’t believe in our ability to live freely or to have an independent life. Time and years when by in silence until the day that the worse happened. After being through 2 different hospitals and 1 month in a shelter home, I realized that I did had a choice and voice. I regret waiting so long to come out from that abuse and be my own voice, but to learn resiliency one must go through the worse and I am a resilient woman today and that I won’t ever regret. I will admit that the road to resiliency wasn’t easy in fact it was harder than I expected to be, however I found myself healing through self-therapy, meditation, reading books, coaching training, watched videos of empowerment, helping others, doing volunteering, being involved on non-profit organizations that defends women’s rights, or maintained myself through Domestic Violence training, Victims of Crime Advocate Training, DV support groups, college, etc.. One day, many years after that night, I realized that recovery is in fact like having a scar from an injury and that you know it happened, it was real, a scar that you can see, but no longer hurts because you are healed.

Today, I can say that, I am a successful woman, a business owner, an amazing advocate to others, but most of all a proud single mother whom continue learning each day from life challenges to never give up, to stay resilient always and share to others the powerful meaning of “I HAVE A VOICE” “STAY SILENCE NO MORE”.

This is a little bit of my ongoing-recovery and survivor story.


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