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Generosity of Teton

Teton Sports has generously donated backpacks for the education of refugee schoolchildren and adults in education for the past two years.  Teton Sports makes the highest quality backpack that I’ve ever seen, all of the components and craftsmanship are of the highest quality.  These backpacks are not defective or used but come right out of the factory new to our refugee neighbors, a rare and treasured gift for sure.It is this type of donation that goes straight to the heart of what Women of the World hopes to accomplish.  More than any other opportunity granted to refugees, the gift of an education is the most precious and the most highly pursued.  Our refugee children and women work hard at their education, but like the rest of us, feel saddened if they are always using substandard books and equipment.  This donation helps them to feel truly a part of their educational experience, proud to contribute.  It is the little things, the quality and color of the backpack, the continual advocacy on their behalf and their mothers, that will turn today’s refugee student into the business, governmental, or nonprofit success of tomorrow.

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