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Heart of the Community Acceptance of a WoW Story

The blog Heart of the Community accepted on of Women of the World’s client’s stories. Utah Bankers Association launched a new social media initiative entitled “The Heart of Our Community!”

We want to give credit where credit is due– the wonderful people and the non-profit organizations they support that work hard to fill the gaps that exist in the fabric of our communities

“Prathi” (not her real name) is a wonderful mother and hardworking woman who has been helping to make her own solutions since Women of the World stepped in and began helping her in mid-2015. Read her story at

Even after fifteen years of living in Utah Prathi was trapped. As a refugee from Pakistan her hopes of freedom had not been realized. Although she lived in a nice home with her son and could be seen most days at the nearby ethnic food store she was a prisoner. Her home belonged to her husband who no longer shared their marriage bed. She was forced to be a maidservant for her mother-in-law as her husband sought another wife. She couldn’t complain — not because she did not want to — but because even after 15 years of living in Utah, she still spoke no English.
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