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Inside the Story: KUTV news visits Women of the World

Founder and President of Women of the World was featured this evening on the KUTV program “Inside the Story” with Dan Rascon — The Iraqi Samaritan. The interview is an upbeat look at the sacrifices that Women of the World makes for refugees and the impact that WoW makes — “one hug at a time.” Samira and our new refugee neighbors’ story is compellingly told in the TV story and in the article on the KUTV website. While Women of the World has recently had some great press, Samira Harnish remains focused on the mission, “the important thing is that our Utah neighbors understand the struggles of refugee women and their families.” Women of the World is excited to get back to what we do best, the service of refugee women in the programs that help them achieve “their human rights, self-reliance, a voice in the community, and economic empowerment.” We are working with over three hundred refugee women and their families and are grateful for all of the support that is developed by the increasing interest in our mission and the wonderful, courageous women that we serve. The Trailer Video on Facebook by Dan Rascon is also a very exciting lead-in to what Women of the World is and the efforts that a day in the life require in order to succeed in service. If you are compelled by this story, please consider contributing your time or other resources to Women of the World.



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