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Remnants of the Spider’s Web

Giving a voice to refugee women is critical, our ability to share in our prosperity with those who have suffered the worst atrocities of war, limited access to education, and poverty defines us as a society who live and contribute based on the ideals of fairness and compassion for all.  Even though the spider may be a memory of a distant land and only real in our nightmares, refugee women still pull off the remnants of the spider’s web throughout their lives.  Their scars mar us all.  Only through your generous assistance can we together support the women, the families, and the refugee communities who need our guidance and assistance.The Women of the World’s mission, “to support women of all nations to achieve their dreams,” is not hyperbole, it is possible.  We have gone a long way as a nation to bring them here, now we must allow them to shine.  And shine they will!  They need our support, our compassion, and our experiences and education to allow them not to balance two cultures, but to blend them, the best of both.  Our service and their strong societies will build better communities that are bolsters by the diversity of ideas and shine with the creativity of cultures stronger in their similarities as humans and mothers and sisters and daughters.

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