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Samira Harnish on Southern Utah University’s APEX Radio Hour Podcast

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Founder of the Salt Lake City organization Women of the World, Samira Harnish, joins host Lynn Vartan to talk about the path of refugee women to becoming independent and self-sufficient in the US and the services that her organization offers to help.

APEX stands for: Ask. Ponder. Educate. [X]. (A.P.E.X.) A.P.E.X. Events is Southern Utah University’s premier weekly lecture series, with speakers and presenters invited from all areas of the world. Attendees to our events are students, faculty, staff and community members, and the series features a diverse range of topics and disciplines. While on campus, guests are invited to interact with students and faculty in multiple ways, with opportunities to connect and network in vast areas of scholarship! All A.P.E.X. events are free and open to the public and we welcome you to join us!

Hosted by Dr. Lynn Vartan, The APEX Hour is live on SUU’s radio station, KSUU Thunder 91.1. The APEX Hour gives the listener more personal time with the guests who visit Southern Utah University, learning more about their stories and opinions beyond their presentations on stage. The live show is recorded and turned into a podcast, available wherever you get your podcasts. Tune in and subscribe!

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