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Spring Cleaning Furniture Donations

This weekend, Women of the World participated in a heartwarming show of charity with Salt Lake and Utah county residents that gave selflessly of themselves by donating their time and money to load up a Uhaul truck and distribute donations of furniture, appliances, and bedding to individuals in need in the community.  Tamee Roberts used her contacts throughout the community to gain access to some fine furniture donations that were loaded by volunteers onto a Uhaul truck and then unloaded to WoW members originating from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.Everyone who participated enjoyed the time immensely.  Young children played together at each house and helped to direct bunk beds into their new places in their rooms; women offered food and drink to tired volunteers; and men and women alike lifted donations into and out of the Uhaul truck.  The smiles of the receivers were only eclipsed by those who participated in all of the hard work of giving.Thanks to Tamee, Samira, and all who donated their much appreciated furniture and appliances to members of the WoW community!

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