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Strength of Women Volunteers

Interview with Women of the World Executive Director, Samira Harnish, on what you can do to volunteer and help Women of the World.

Theme is strength

  1. While women are known for their beauty, Women of the World is known for its STRENGTH

  2. Let me give a couple of stories of Women of the World’s strength

  3. Fought for woman and her family to raise the health of her home, took care of the mold that surrounded her, even though the landlord said they caused it and their culture lives this way.

  4. Fought for a women whose parents received their green cards but she did not. Immigration Services did not believe her story but through the fight of WoW, Immigration found their mistake and the woman got her green card.

Call to Action

  1. You have all gotten stronger and I applaud you.

  2. Women of the World has also grown, even though it has been a tough year for us to achieve our mission, most of you have achieved what you started out to do this year.

  3. Remember, we are stronger together than we are apart. If you are struggling, Women of the World will be there for you; but if another woman is struggling, will you be there for her? Can I hear you say: yes I will help other women!

  4. Please listen to those women around you, from a different country or the same, and learn what you can share, how you can help.

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