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A Mother’s Day donation

This beautiful sentiment was left by one of our generous donors in honor of her mom for Mother’s Day 2014.  Women of the World is grateful to all of our wonderful donors and their terrific mothers!

Dear Mom, I feel like no matter where I’ve gone in the world, I’m always the most inspired by the strong women I meet. I know that’s because you set the example early of what a strong, courageous, faithful woman truly is. Thank you for being my biggest supporter and giving me the foundation to live my dreams. Thank you for always keeping our family lively, grounded, service-oriented, and moving forward (and out the door). This donation is in your honor, because you’ve always inspired me by your example to serve, work with other strong women, reach out to our community, and bring others into it. (Plus, this is the group we worked with in SID, and they’re really awesome–the founder, Samira, reminds me a lot of you, actually). I love you so much, and miss you every day! Can’t wait to see you in a few months. Happy Mothers’ Day to the best mother I could ever hope for. xoxo, M
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