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Ally Bank Grant for Customized Human Rights Service



Women of the World is pleased to announce that it has accepted a charitable contribution from Ally Bank. Ally Bank contributes funds to support organizations that assist low- and moderate-income individuals in the community. Ally Bank prides itself on being an ally to its community partners. Ally employees take great pride in offering their time and talent to charitable causes, and Women of the World has been the beneficiary of some terrific advice from its Ally Bank partner Kimberli Haywood. Through our programs of Customized Human Rights Service, Practical English, and Economic Empowerment, Women of the World is a refugee service organization that promotes the economic development to Salt Lake City’s low-income refugee women and their families. Women of the World is provides services to low-income refugee women beyond the six-month benefit period supported by the majority of refugee service organizations. Furthermore, because of Women of the World’s success in coordinating service, these organizations are offloading their complex cases into our portfolio, overwhelming our limited case management resources. Women of the World’s services are customized for each our clients by their Case Manager, ensuring that the right opportunity — like housing, English competency, and financial literacy — is matched to their specific need.Utilizing this generous grant for customized human rights service, Women of the World will increase service to more low-income refugee women through the continuation of the Case Manager position. Our current Case Manager has done a terrific job serving the refugee community as she works through university and we are very lucky to have her continue in her role of customized case management. Our Case Manager and Operations Director (currently volunteers) both work from home, and meet clients at appointments and in community centers when available. While this method is serving over 3,000 different issues a year, it is very difficult. We believe that having an office to conduct business with community partners and being available to serve our refugee women in one space would increase our scope and efficiency and will be investigating this opportunity with this grant.Women of the World thanks Ally Bank for believing in its mission and supporting refugee women’s needs with this generous grant.

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