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California Pizza Kitchen 100% Donation Day

All day, this Sunday, August 26th at the Orem California Pizza Kitchen, 575 E. University Parkway in Orem, Women of the World is holding a fundraiser along with California Pizza Kitchen where 100% of the proceeds will go to the English Language Learner (ELL) program.    The fundraiser starts at 11:30 am and goes until 8 pm and while the flyer below says it is required, it is not required for this event.

Twice weekly, volunteers flow  from all over the Wasatch Valley, some bringing their kids, others bringing their bookbags, to become teachers of ELL.  They teach in classes, in apartments, and even out on the lawn.  They teach women refugees that are newly arrived in America and those that have been in the system for years but focus has not been paid to their development.  Some of our students have studied grammer for three years but can’t communicate.  That’s why Women of the World believes in its program — teaching students in the CLASSROOM OF THE COMMUNITY!

What it means for Women of the World to be dedicating most of this fundraiser to the coordination and materials for the ELL program is that we will be able to pay a partial gratitude to our wonderful, dedicated ELL and Employment Specialist, Ruth Arevalo.  Ruth gives selflessly in order to develop the materials and curriculum for WoW’s ELL program and maintains that she learns more than she teaches.  She is a gentle, kind, and patient teacher that deserves all the fundraising (in the form of pizza sales) that Women of the World and our friends and fans can muster this Sunday!

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