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Congrats Enlightened 50 Award Winners Samira and Ruth

Women of the World is very pleased to announce that two of its staff have been recognized by The Community Foundation of Utah for its 2013 Enlightened 50 Award.  Samira Harnish and Ruth Arevalo both received recognition for their work in support of women in Utah.  Women of the World is proud to be the recipient of such a prestigious award and to receive two in the same year is truly terrific.  Congratulations to Samira and Ruth, Women of the World and the One Billion Rising organizations.The Community Foundation of Utah has, for the fourth year, recognized fifty individuals who are making a measurable – but often unsung – difference in the lives of Utahns through innovation, collaboration and commitment to the common good. Called the ‘Enlightened 50’, or E-50, members are nominated by the community. Each of the nominees then selects five individuals who they feel most meet the criteria. The top fifty will be recognized at an event Thursday, June 6th. The criteria for this recognition are:

  1. An innovator – pioneering original and sustainable approaches to the critical issues facing our state and its people

  2. A builder – committed to community engagement and the common good

  3. A visionary – most likely to make a profound mark on Utah’s quality of life

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