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Cultural Connections Podcast – 3rd Annual Event

Women of the World was proud to be asked to be interviewed by Nkoyo Iyamba for her 1 December 2013 Cultural Connections show on KSL Radio.  This podcast interviewed two of the volunteers of Women of the World, Elena Blasa, a member of the Board of Directors and caseworker, and Ghasaq Jaffar, a volunteer with Women of the World and school teacher in a local refugee school.These women were interviewed to discuss the 3rd Annual Celebration event which will for the first time be an awards banquet to celebrate the successes of Women of the World members including:

  1. Women that have achieved a significant milestone in their post-secondary education like an advanced degree

  2. Women that have become literate in English… for many of these ladies, this is the first language they are literate in.

  3. Women that have served their own communities

  4. Women that have worked through English and Civics in order to get their citizenship

  5. Finally, our Woman of the Year — believe me, you will be heartened by this woman’s commitment to your new neighbors

The 3rd Annual Celebration event is a free event ($10 donation suggested) that includes ethnic food and entertainment.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to come and meet your new neighbors.  While significant milestones have been accomplished, there is always more to do and you can help by supporting Women of the World through your donations of time or money.For more information:

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