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East High School and Westminster Student Workshop

Students and community service members

I represented the Women Of the World at the East High School and Westminster Student Workshop, it was great opportunity and an honor to meet everyone with outstanding talents and an interest in service for the community.  My speech on my experience and the mission of the Women Of the World touched many young students who want me to connect and assist their family. Teacher like Rebecca Richardson that offered their students such a wide curriculum and recruit community members to teach special skills in community service are developing our children in to compassionate leaders of tomorrow.  Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.


Below is the gracious e-mail from Rebecca Richardson that I received after speaking after the event.

From: Rebecca RichardsonDate: February 19, 2011 9:15:15 AM MSTTo: WoWSubject: Deep gratitude!Dear Samira,I don’t think I can find the words to express my gratitude and thanks for yesterday. Your presentation was touching and inspiring. Even though I am not a refugee, your story of the haunting picture of the girl trapped in the spider web resonated with me. Through your words you showed how this young girl was able to untangle herself and do heroic acts like learn to ride a bike at age 40!!! What a gift your presentation was to my students and me.I am also so appreciative of the time you gave to working individually with the students. You took your beautiful energy, intellect and passion and shared it with those with whom you spoke. It is hard to imagine, but these brief encounters can be life altering for some.I love the direction you are working to take the Women of the World organization. I do a lot of work with refugee families and have seen many strong women direct the lives of their families and children in amazing ways. However, I have also seen them shaken and disregarded by the enormous system we have here in the U.S. While I am very busy during the school year, I would love to learn how I can support your organization during the summer.Once again, I send my deepest thanks for EVERYTHING you brought to the workshop yesterday. I left meeting you feeling like there are friends out there who share my desire to empower our sisters, mothers, daughters, that are being silenced.With great warmth and respect,Rebecca RichardsonEast High SchoolLanguage Arts Instructor

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