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Employment Seminar

In order to start our women in the right direction in the United States, they need to be gainfully employeed.  On Friday, 20 May 2011, with the help of the Department of Workforce Services, Women of the World conducted a workshop to prepare our members for the job hunting and interviewing process.  As an incentive, this workshop was a prerequisite for the job fair to be held the following Saturday.The DWS and Women of the World supplied no-nonsense advice to the refugee community on topics ranging from the proper format of a resume to the value of hygiene and a strong handshake in making a first impression.  WoW members were given handouts constructed directly from the feedback of companies invited to the select job fair.The Women of the World members have numerous differentiating strengths including their language flexibility, strong work-ethic, and happiness with a renewed life in America.  Employers that are willing to help our members better their English skills, develop employment skills, and integrate into their teams will be encouraged by the success their organizations achieve as a result.For more information on how your organization can hire a new refugee client of the Women of the World, feel free to contact us on our contact page or talk to our employment specialist at (801) 648 – WOW2.

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