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Episode 2: May ’16 Refugee Podcast with Diane from Burkina Faso



Women of the World’s Podcast for this month features Diane from Burkina Faso, one of the political asylum seekers that Women of the World assists. Diane is an amazing young woman, choosing her path against the pressure of family and culture, choosing to be happy even though she has suffered some very personal tragedies.

Diane is extraordinarily courageous in this interview as she talks about her young life of political dissent where rape was used as a tactic of intimidation, overcoming the stigma of female genital cutting, and her current struggle to gain an education against the wishes of her father and tribal chief who is set on a more traditional life for her.

Women of the World’s Podcast team also discusses the recent Mother’s Day celebration and some international press coverage we received on the Bold Global blog.

Women of the World’s refugee podcast is a place where ‘our ladies’ can share their stories and aspirations and where we can highlight activities important to refugees and service providers in Salt Lake City, Utah and around the world.

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