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Fashion Show Radio – KSL Cultural Connections

Women of the World was on the radio this weekend!  Cultural Connections with Nkoyo Iyamba interviewed the Refugee Fashion Show team including two of the models for this week’s event for its program on Sunday, June 3, 2012.[gn_pullquote align=”right”]As the refugee women walk the catwalk, think about the steps they took before the ones you are seeing — running away from violence and oppression, scared, hoping just for a safe night’s sleep. Think about what they left behind them, their comfortable job, house, and much of their family — even sometimes their own sons and daughters. Their beauty comes not only from their features or clothing; but from an amazing courage to find a better life. Please take this opportunity to support this courage and elegance[/gn_pullquote]The questions focused on how Women of the World is helping improve the lives of women refugees in Utah and how the Refugee Fashion Show contributes to displaying the beauty and courage of its members.  The Refugee Fashion Show is this Friday, 8 June 2012 from 6-9pm at Pierpont Place (163 W Pierpont Ave in SLC). We hope you can all attend and show your support for an elegant refugee fashion show. Tickets are available for a minimum donation of $20 at of the World would like to thank KSL radio and Nkoyo Ivamba who was a terrific, gracious interviewer.  Click the below link to listen to the full program.

4:20 to 15:00 – Opening Discussion17:30 to 25:00 – Volunteers Discussion30:30 to 39:40 – Refugee Discussion43:00 to 50:20 – Final Thoughts

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