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First Annual Refugee Fashion Show

Women of the World is proud to present the First Annual Refugee Fashion Show at the City and County Building in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This event showcased the various fashions of the women and men from both the Middle East and various regions throughout Africa.  Those at the event stood in awe and amazement at the beauty and elegance of the women’s fashions and at the fortitude and grace of their presenters, the members of the Women of the World.

This event was extremely satisfying for all involved.  For the models, this was one of the rare opportunities where they were made to feel beautiful while expressing their heritage.  You can see in the video that while at first this was an uncomfortable event for them, they quickly warmed to our grateful and enthusiastic crowd and felt the way they always should – whole, confident, and amazing.  Some of our models have quite the knack for it, showing sass, dignity, and bliss all in the same round.  By the end, no one wanted to go, each taking their deserved encores before rounding up their cameras and taking pictures with their friends and families.

As a member of the crowd of onlookers, I was immensely proud of each of the women who against the odds maintained their sense of style and a connection to their heritage.  Each of the women looked beautiful and showed it in their individual way, some through reserved tenacity, others through a professional sass in expression and motion that barely contained their inward glee at the opportunity to be themselves, and by this fact, be beautiful.  The crowd’s shouts could be heard from Temple to Timpanogos Mountain as they celebrated their daughter’s, their mother’s, and their sister’s delight.Women of the World would like to thank

Visage Salon Studios for collecting donations to improve the Fashion Show and the mission of WoW.  Read the 21 July 2011 update in the Sugarhouse Journal.See the videos on our You Tube Channel and all of the pictures at our Picasa site!

Middle Eastern Fashions
Queen of Babylon
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