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Grant Awarded! DWS Refugee Service Office Capacity Building Grant

After a month of developing the programs, website, budget, and justifications for the Department of Workforce Services Refugee Service Organization (DWS/RSO –, the Women of the World was awarded its first grant!!! See the Awardee List!

WoW would like to thank the hard work of its chief grant-writer Justin Harnish and the commitment of its Chairwomen of the Board, Samira Harnish… it’s a wonder they work so well together. Of course the work has just begun. The Capacity Building Grant is awarded to community organizations targeting the development of education, social work, and the strengthening of the community organizations themselves. The grant offers start-up funds for the development of case management staff, six workshops held every other month, and registration and development as a charitable organization.

The funds are short and the work is long, so the Women of the World are still asking for the generous donations of time and funds to help establish their programs and community.

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