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Heartfelt Celebration of Women Refugee Success

It was great to see the room filled with woman, a room shining with beautiful faces and empowerment. Women of the World’s Third Annual Celebration was a heartfelt celebration of women refugee success — some of the success has already been attained, some have nearly reached their goals, and all were very ambitious to have more success.On December 7th, 2013 we celebrated the ladies that have reached to their goals, aims — ladies that have worked so hard in a short time of being in Utah. It is very important to have a role model in our communities and the women that received the awards are certainly role models

.To our Utah guests, thank you very much for coming and celebrating the day with your new neighbors. These ladies want to thank you for giving them the chance to come to your country so they rebuild their lives & their children’s lives. These ladies are survivor of war, rape, atrocities, and social ostracism and are now working hard to overcome poverty and to acculturate in America.Women Of the World offers the tools these ladies need to reach their goals, like job skills and practical English. We teach them about American laws and regulations, teach them about their human rights to give them the confidence and empower them to succeed.We could not do it without our generous supporters. Every year conflicts around the world create more refugees, but because of the generosity of Utahans, every year a great percentage of refugees come here. If you have not yet given to Women of the World, consider visiting our donation page.




Woman of the Year – Mrs. Lauren Beck

The Woman of the Year is not a figurehead, but a member of the community that offers a light in the darkness, a friend to cut through the loneliness, an advocating voice into the fray.  The Woman of the Year gets results – raising not just those she contacts directly – but the entire community.  Through her efforts, the Woman of the Year makes us believe that we can all achieve our dreams!


Service Award – Mrs. Khawla Salman and Mr. Tleb Mohammad

We offer our deepest gratitude for your generous service as a Women of the World volunteer. Because of the selflessness of people like you, Women of the World has empowered women to gain an economic foothold, begin attaining their voice in the community, and dream of a better life. We always say “pay it forward” and you have – thank you!


English Advancement Award – Mrs. Bae Meh

The single most important factor in determining immigrant success is advancement in English.  For women, English advancement is important in taking back their place as a parent and in stepping out for the first time into the workforce and the community.  Take your voice to the highest peaks and tell posterity your story, what you have accomplished and how you’ll never stop learning and growing.


Citizenship Acknowledgement – Ms. Ban Rasheed

America is one of the few countries started on an ideal, the ideal that everyone is created equal and through hard work and imagination you can succeed.  Your citizenship is not the end of your path but a beginning, a ticket to opportunity.  Naturalized citizens are more aggressive in achieving the American dream and today you join this class of success.  However, America also needs you to blend your culture into the melting pot, retaining the best characteristics of both.


Certificate of Achievement – Miss Ehdaa Al Hashemi, Mrs. Ghassaq Jaffer, Mrs. Jasmin

Success is less inspiration than perspiration and it is your hard work that is being celebrated today.  You have sacrificed time and effort to achieve this pinnacle and because you have worked hard along this journey, this milestone is all the more sweet.  Now look out to the girls in your community and teach them how to succeed — for it is the achievement that you have helped train — that is the most rewarding.


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