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Leadership Institute Graduation

Tonight two of the women from the Women of the World Board of Directors graduated from the Westside Leadership Institute’s Leadership Development Program for Non-profit community members.  Graduation was an excited culmination of the skills that they learned and their application in serving the community of women refugees.  President and Founder Samira Harnish’s team delivered a well-attended workshop on “Navigating the Public Transportation System” where refugee women were trained on how to use the UTA train and bus system.  For some of our members, this is there only system of transportation.  Director Alaa Ameen’s team donated time at a soap factory and donated the product of their efforts to people in need.Samira also gave a terrific speech on the passion of the Women of the World non-profit organization to empower women to heights they would have difficulty reaching themselves.  She also spoke to the struggles of leadership in a small start-up non-profit and being able to gather the necessary commitment from volunteers to achieve the mission of the Women of the World.Overall, the night was one of celebration for the terrific accomplishments of the class and one of hope for their potential to improve our community.

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